Organic Tangerine Lip Balm - SPF 15

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Organic Tangerine Lip Balm - SPF 15

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The best lip balm available. This organic lip balm heals dryness and keeps lips hydrated all day long. OK, we went above and beyond our 3 ingredient rule on this one - but these 100% natural ingredients work so beautifully together, we couldn't resist. This natural formula is made with:

-Herb Infused Extra Virgin Olive oil*^

-Tangerine Oil*

-Pure Beeswax*

-Non GMO vitamin E 

-and Zinc Oxide 3.5% (non-nanoparticle) for natural sun protection.


* Certified Organic

^ Infused with certified organic: calendula, comfrey, lavender, plantain & yarow