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使用Strava app(免费)记录每天跑步的距离,至少一英里。每英里10分。


**Virtue – Biblical Engagement:**
*Requirement*: Read the Bible for at least half an hour daily.
*Points*: 10 points per day.

**Wisdom – Academic and Intellectual Growth:**
1. *Mathematics*: 1 point for each completed question in assigned homework.
2. *Vocabulary Enhancement*: For every one thousand-point increase in the monthly total score on Vocabulary.com, gain one point.
3. *Reading*: Daily reading for at least half an hour, earning 10 points for every half hour or 15 pages read.

**Physical Education (PE) – Fitness and Exercise:**
*Requirement*: Utilize the Strava app to log daily running distance, with a minimum of one mile.
*Points*: 10 points per mile ran.

**Aesthetic Education – Art and Culture:**
*Requirement*: Engage in activities like music, poetry, dance, etc., for at least half an hour.
*Points*: 10 points per half hour of practice.

**Labor – Household Contribution:**
*Requirement*: Perform housework for half an hour, including tasks like washing dishes, sweeping floors, folding clothes, etc.
*Points*: 10 points per half hour of housework completed.

These revised regulations aim to promote a balanced approach to personal growth, encompassing spiritual, intellectual, physical, artistic, and practical aspects of development while assigning points for each activity to incentivize engagement and consistent effort.


1. 开始检验阅读。正确率超过90%A)就能得分。分数计算方法如下:

以第一本书《Nightby Elie Wiesel为例,










4.数学部分,从今天开始,只计算几何(Geometry)、SAT、和心算(Mental Math)部分(考试通过后,不能重考,重复得分)。EuniceIris可以继续做Algebra 12,记分。

5. 体育方面:自己记录:跑步或打球或游泳等运动每半小时10分。走路不计算分数。

In light of last month’s observations, we are implementing the following adjustments starting  from February 2024:

1. **Reading Test:**

   1.a. **Reading** For instance, when reading “Night” by Elie Wiesel, participants are expected to complete the book within two hours at a normal reading pace. Points are awarded at 1 point per 400 words, with a maximum score of 72.5 points. However, the book’s assigned 4th-grade level, 6th graders can score up to 58 points, 7th graders 50.75 points, 8th graders 43.5 points, and so forth.

   1.b. **Test**

      1.b.1. **Literature Criticism:** During a one-hour session, examinees will answer 50 questions with the open book “Night” under the supervision of Pastor Li. A 90% or higher correction rate will reward you with 50 points. If below 90%, a retest is allowed after a week, with one retake opportunity per week. The second book cannot be tested during the retake period.

      1.b.2. **Vocabulary Test:** Upon passing the Literature Criticism exam, participants can access the Vocabulary test link. Achieving a 90% or higher rate earns 50 points. Like the Literature Criticism section, a week must elapse before a retest, with one retake opportunity per week. The second book cannot be tested during the retake period.

      1.b.3. **Overall Score:** Successful completion of both sections yields a total score ranging from 172.5 (4th grade) to 114.5 (12th grade) points.

2. **Vocabulary**

   – Starting today, only class assignments will contribute to points. Other vocab practices will not increase your points.

3. **Household Duties:**

   – Participants will be incentivized to engage in household duties, earning one point every 3 minutes for washing dishes, sweeping the floor, cleaning the yards, and so on.

4. **Math:**

   – Effective immediately, only the Geometry, SAT, and Mental Math sections will be considered for scoring. Eunice and Iris may continue with Algebra 1 and 2, earning points accordingly.

5. **Physical Education (PE):**

   – Participants can earn 10 points for every half hour of recorded activities such as running, playing ball, swimming, or other sports. Walking is not considered a qualifying sports activity.